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We have advanced forging equipment and strict control of the forging process. We make a forging process card for each of the forging material and the test piece to ensure the forging ratio. Forging temperature (furnace, forging temperature) is strictly controlled according to forging process.
We are strictly in accordance with the corresponding materials technology for heat treatment, and provide the corresponding heat treatment curve and heat treatment report per the smelting furnace number and heat treatment lot number.
We have all kinds of sophisticated machining equipment and modern testing equipment, Our forging, welding, machining, heat treatment, assembly, pressure testing, paint and other production lines, set the development, design, manufacturing, sales, service in one.
The welding equipment is specially used in the internal welding of oil and chemical valves, which includes the components and functions of pulse TIG power supply, heating power, mutual operation frame, rotary welding and control.
Imported from the United States, used for parts spraying. JP-8000 control board designed by Praxair & TAFA makes the operation more safe & convenient. The separation mechanism of JP-8000 control board makes the fuel & gas separated in the E-part, while, the design of the pressure switch and flow control can be safely shut down at the time of failure.
Through many years of experience accumulation and system research, we have become one of the few manufacturer who systems master the PR2 level high performance valves and drive mechanism. More varieties and specifications of the product have obtained the performance certificates issued by national authority inspection department.