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Cooperation Project

With the demand of development of offshore oil industry, unconventional oil - gas resources such as 

shale gas and high H2S,CO2 and chloride working conditions, we have  accelerated the research & 

design to the offshore oil - gas wellhead, especiallythe wellhead of underwater oil recovery, and also 

the high performance, high level wellhead and valves.

Establish offshore & subsea oil & gas wellhead equipment R&D center

In 2011, we established the offshore & subsea oil & gas wellhead equipment R&D center with China 

University of Petroleum(East China), with the purpose of research to the core technology and application 

in offshore & subsea oil & gas drilling &production equipment, and makes these core technology to be 

producibility & industrialized  according to the requirement from

the development of market & industry.

Establish Academician workstation

In 2012, we and China University of Petroleum(Beijing) jointly established the "Douson academician 

workstation", to carry out joint training of personnel, joint development of new products and key 

technology joint research; to carry out the comprehensive co-operation in projects of research & 

manufacture technology of wellhead equipment and oil & gas recovery in offshore & subsea industry, 

also the research & application of technology & equipment for the development of shale gas reservoir 

by supercritical carbon dioxide.

Establish National Post Doctoral workstation

Set up by applying the "National Postdoctoral Workstation", introduced degrees, and other senior 

personnel from China University of Petroleum (East China), Yangtze University and other universities, 

and industry experts contracted, marine and onshore oil and gas drilling equipment joint R&D and 

industrial applications Research. 

In addition, we have also established a partnership&cooperation with some colleges and 

universities such as Yangtze University and others.