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    Forged Steel Slab Gate Valve
Forged Steel Slab Gate Valve

With reliable performance and double direction sealing structure, 

SG-22 slab gate valve can perform well when used in high 

pressure service condition. In addition, it canbe used in oil field 

wellhead, X-mas tree and manifold system where pressure are 

in range of 2000psi to 20000psi.

Main Feature:

can be used in medium H2S; Casting steel valve body/forged 

valve bonnet; Low operation torque; Metal to metal 

valvebody/valve bonnet seal; Metal to metal wedge/valve seat 

seal;Can replace the packing online; Gate, seat surface coating 

alloy;After a two-way valve seal.

Basic Parameters:

Size1-13/16"~ 9"

Working Pressure2000 psi ~20000psi

Temperature LevelKU

Material ClassAA~FF

Specification LevelPSL1~PSL4

Performance LevelPR1~PR2

Design Performance Standards: API 6A