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    Lift Check Valve
Lift Check Valve

For lift check valve, when medium flow according to the

specified direction, valve disc shall be open under the effect

of medium force. When medium flow in reverse direction,

the sealing surface between valve disc and valve seat shall 

be closed under the effect of opposite force.

Lift check valve shall share the similar structure with check

valve, valve disc shall be in lift movement along the central

line of channel.

With reliable movement and large flow resistance,  it is used

to light and small bore application.

Basic Parameters:

Nominal Bore: 1-13/16"~4-1/16"

Working Pressure: 2000psi~15000psi

Temperature Level: –75°F~+250°F

Body Material: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH

Specification Level: PSL1~PSL3G

Performance Level: PR1~PR2