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    Choke Manifold
Choke Manifold

Choke manifold is a necessary device in the process of 

blowout control and implementation of oil and gas pressure 

control technology. In case that the BOP is off,  the pressure 

at the bottom of well shall be kept higher than formation

pressure through controlling casing pressure with choke 

valve on-off.

Additionally, soft shutin can be realized through relieving 

pressure with choke manifold in the process of well shut-in.

When pressure in well reach at an extreme limitation,  it can

be used to prevent blowout and protect wellhead. Choke

manifold composes of choke valve, gate valve,  flanged pipe

and pressure indicator.

Working Principles: 

When the pressure in well increases, the pressure can be

relieved by opening and closing the choke valve

(manual, HYD and fixed) on choke manifold.

Basic Patameters:

Remote Options: S-manual, Y-hydraulic, Q-pneumatic, E-Electric 

Size: 1-13/16" ~ 4-1/16"

Working Pressure: 2000psi~20000psi

Temperature Level: K, L, P, U

Material Level: EE-FF

Specification Level: PSL3, PSL3G