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    Marine Standpipe Manifold
Marine Standpipe Manifold

Purpose of marine standpipe manifold in the process of

blowout control and implementation of oil and gas pressure

control technology, it can be used to prevent blowout and

protect wellhead. To kill the well(inject fall slurry compulsively);

to avoid the risk of fire(inject pure water compulsively); to

assist firefighting(inject fire extinguishing agent compulsively).

Control the slurry from cement well pump to wellhead to

complete cementing operation.

Marine standpipe manifold composes of choke manifold, kill

manifold, cementing manifold and standpipe manifold.


Remote Options:S-manual, Y-hydraulic, Q-pneumatic, E-electric                          

Size: 1-13/16" ~ 4-1/16"

Working Pressure: 2000psi ~ 20000psi

Temperature Level: K, L, P, U

Material Level: EE-FF

Specification Level: PSL3, PSL3G