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    Annular BOP With Spherical Packers
Annular BOP With Spherical Packers

Annular BOP shall be equipped with hydraulic control system.

It is usually used with ram BOP and also independently.

It can be used for following operation:  it can seal various

shape or size of the square pipe, rill rod subs, drill collar,

casing and cable etc. When there is no drilling tool in hole,

it can seal the wellhead completely. Under the control of the

hydraulic control system which is equipped with a depressuring

pressure regulating valve or a cushion accumulator, it can

force stripping with 18 tool joint.

Technical Data

●Compact structure, save space

●The “Z” shape cross-section of piston, short stroke and

   low height

● The bonnet is semisphere, no stress concentration

●This kind of spherical packer has more spare rubber,

   reliable seal, long life

● Movement parts set up the wear ring, which reduce 

  the wear of the seal, prolong theservice life of the seal.

●The rubber embedded multiple ribs which 

  circular-distributed,do not be curl or crack of seal

Basic Parameters:

Bore: 7-1/16" ~30"

Working Pressure: 1000psi~10000psi