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    Annular BOP With Tapered Packers
Annular BOP With Tapered Packers

Annular BOP shall be equipped with hydraulic control system.

It is usually used with ram BOP and also independently.

It can be used for following operation: it can seal various

shape or size of the square pipe, drill rod subs, drill collar,

casing and cable etc. When there is no drilling tool in hole,

it can seal the wellhead completely. Under the control of the

hydraulic control system which is equipped with a

depressuring pressure regulating valve or a cushion

accumulator,  it can force stripping with 18tool joint.

Technical Data

●The connection between the bonnet and shell is jaw 

  connection,joins reliable, strength evenly,simple to 

  assemble and disassemble.

●There is a test hole of piston on the bonnet, to predict

  the life of packer.

●A dismountable wear plat is equipped on the f top of 

  bonnet,maintenance can be replaced according to 

  the loss of the case.

●The outside of rubber is taper, the ribs distributed on 

  the circumference of radial radiation.

●The inner chamber on the top of piston is taper,

  which direct contact the conical surface of rubber,

  the thrust is small while shut it.

●The lip-sealing ring is used at dynamic seal, they 

have the performance of self sealing.

Basic Parameters:

Bore9" ~29-1/2"

Working Pressure: 500psi~10000psi