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    Rotating BOP
Rotating BOP

Rotating BOP is a necessary equipment for under-balanceddrilling ,

geothermal drilling, coal-bed methane drilling. It sealed between

the borehole nnulus and the drill string, Provide safe and effective 

pressure control, also it can guided the circulating fluid from the

wellhead. This technological development expanded the

under-balanced drilling scope of use,  Such as closed-circuit,

flow drilling, MWD, well test, backcycling, nitrogen injection etc .

The Rotating BOP mainly comprised rotation ASSY, body and clip

cylinder. The Rotation mainly comprised quadrel ASSY,central

tube, bearing, sealing rubber etc.

Technical Data

Bore: 11", 13-5/8"

Static seal pressure: 14Mpa , 35Mpa

Motive seal pressure: 7Mpa ,17.5Mpa

Temperature for metallic materials:

T-20 (-29 ~121 ) / T-75 (-59 ~121 )

Number of rubber:1 or 2

Medium suitable for: Water, Oil, Gas and H2S Reference

standard : API 16A 3rd, API RP 16st