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    U Type Ram BOP
U Type Ram BOP

U type Ram BOP, body and major parts are made of forging,ram

chamber adoptslong circular cross section. The Ram is driven by

a hydraulic cylinder of piston rod to realize the switch operation.

Side door can straight-line switch, it controlled by hydraulic.

Body designed automatic sand cleaning. The ram designed 

automatically center, in the side of body designed two export,

used to connect choke manifolds and kill manifolds,can used in

mud recirculation,throttle,kill the will, wash the well and any

other special operations. The cylinder body designed one

discharge port used to vent pressure when the pressure is too

high.The intermediate flange designed secondary  sealing 

device, when the observation port was found liquid leakage,

plesae emergently pour grease in an emergency.

Technical Data

Shut well quickly, it can shut well within 3~8 seconds.

●Easy to operation, it is hydraulic actuated.

Ram chamber adopts long circular cross section

   strengthevenly, good resistance to pressure.

●Side door ASSY Can straight-Line switch by hydraulic, 

  easy to change the Ram ASSY, easy maintenance.

Side door sealed with floating seal instead of 

   mechanical seal

●RAM shaft sealed with three sealing, reliable seal

Ram rubber used self-contained seal, has a large 

   amount of rubber reserves

●More extended functions, the installation of shear 

  booster device, hydraulic lock device, etc.

Basic Parameters:

Bore: 7-1/16" ~21-1/4"

Working Pressure: 2000psi~20000psi