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    S Type Ram BOP
S Type Ram BOP

S type Ram BOP, body are made of casting, ram chamber 

adopts rectangular cross section with circular arc, the ram is 

driven by a hydraulic cylinder of piston rod to realize the switch 

operation. Side door can switch with hinge, body designed 

automatic sand cleaning, the ram designed automatically

center, in the side of body designed two export,used to

connect choke manifolds and kill manifolds, can used in mud

recirculation, throttle, kill the will, wash the well and any other

special operations.The side door designed secondary sealing 

device, when it is found that the observation port of liquid

leakage, can be an emergency in an emergency.

Technical Data

●Shut well quickly. It can shut well within 3~8 seconds.

●Easy to operation, it is hydraulic actuated.

●Ram chamber adopts rectangular cross section with 

  circular arc, body designed automatic sand cleaning 

  and guide rib.

●Side door ASSY can switch with hinge.

●RAM shaft sealed with two sealing, well pressure

   and hydraulic separation.

●Ram is not easy to get stuck, the top seal face of 

  body is plane,easy to make the follow-up maintenance.

●Ram rubber can used both sides.

Basic Parameters:

Bore: 7-1/16" ~21-1/4"

Working Pressure: 2000psi~15000psi