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    Manual Type Ram BOP
Manual Type Ram BOP

Manual type Ram BOP, body are made of forging or casting,

ram chamber adoptsellipse cross section or rectangular section.

The ram is driven by gear device orhandwheel to realize the 

switch operation. Body designed automatic sand cleaning,

The ram designed automatically center. Ram installed special 

tooth structure, can clamped pipe, can beer the pipe weight,

can be achieved the function with slip and sealing.

Technical Data

●Opening and closing of the ram driven by manual, 

do not need BOP control system.

●Less parts, compact structure, small size, light weight

●Side door made of low alloy forging, pressure 

  bearing ability

● Can be provided with worm device, effectively 

  reduced the labor intensity

●Low manufacturing cost, easy maintaining

Basic Parameters:

Bore: 2-9/16" ~7-1/16"

Working Pressure: 2000psi~5000psi