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    Coiled Tubing BOP
Coiled Tubing BOP

Coiled Tubing BOP can be applied to coiled tubing sand flushing,

wash the well, formation testing, gas lift induced flow, outlet

liquid,removal, drill to polish, staged fracturing, drag the

acidification, cable job, gas well completion, falling objects

fishing, well drilling etc. Coiled Tubing BOP is important safety 

equipment to prevent the well blowout.The Coiled Tubing BOP

has four sets of mating rams. From top to bottom: Blind rams,

Shear rams, Slip rams and Pipe rams. It applied to high

pressure wellhead and working condition of hydrogen sulfide;

Hydraulic driving, fast response;With manual locking, safety

factor, high reliability. It applied to many kinds of coiled tubing.

Technical Data

Bore:  2-9/16"~ 5-1/8"

Rate working pressure: 5000psi~15000psi

Recommended operating pressure:

1500psi (2800psi for shear rams)

Side outlet: 2-1/16"*10000psi

Size of pipe be sheared:OD 23/8in,wall 0.204in,CT90

Slip rams’ holding weight40T2in coil tubing

Temperature for metallic materials:

T-20 (-29~121 ) / T-75 (-59~121)

Medium suitable for:Water, Oil, gas and H2S Reference

Standard : API 16A 3rd,API RP 16ST