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    Side Door Stripper/Packer
Side Door Stripper/Packer

Side Door Stripper/Packer installed between injection head and 

Coiled Tubing BOP, provide a dynamic seal around the tubing in 

Coiled Tubing job, can effectively seal the pressure of outer

annular space, prevent overflow of oil, gas, water, etc. Ensured

the safety of the operation and avoid the environmental pollution.

The major technique of Side Door Stripper/Packer is quickly

change the rubber. It applied to many kinds of coiled tubing.

According to the requirements of  the working conditions, can

be equipped with single or double rubber.

Technical Data

Bore:  2-9/16”~ 5-1/8”

Rate working pressure: 5000psi~15000psi

Temperature for metallic materials:

T-20 (-29 ~121 ) / T-75 (-59 ~121 )

Top connection:

bolt hole 8×1-1/4”-7UNC,

diameter of Pitch circle isΦ13" (Φ330.2 mm)

Bottom connection: CB44 union

Medium suitable for: Water,Oil,gas and H2S Reference

standard : API 16A 3rd,API RP 16ST

Tubing size: 1"~2-7/8"

MAX Hydraulic pressure: 5000psi