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    Subsea Ball Valve
Subsea Ball Valve

Structure feature:

The valve design feature which is two-piece type,  thread 

connection betweenbody and bonnet,around thread connection 

with O-ring prevent the fluidoutleakage and outside medium 

getting into; blow-out prevents stem; the valve surface spraying

in the submarine condition, there are VOC three layer system 

of inorganic paintfor anti corrosion of steel,  in primer, epoxy 

intermediate coating and surface paint; the valve have ROV 

interface and support the 

ROV operation.

Technical parameter:

Design Standard: API 6AAPI 6DSS

Size: 4"

Working Pressure: 2000psi

Product Standard level: PSL3G 

Body Material: 4130

Trim Material: F316/17-4PH

Seat Material: DEVLON

Working Condition: sea/offshore

Connection Type: NPT thread

ROV Interface: available